Event Description:

With the fun and frolic of the classical scavenger hunt and the intricacies and ‘complexities’ of coding we bring you CODE TO DECODE.As the name suggests, to survive you need to code. The game is a real life implementation of all that we have been studying; it unleashes the life hidden behind the encoded texts.

Event Details:

The Preliminary round will consist of a purely coding/deciphering event where only the top 20 teams will qualify for the next round.
The 20 teams will be provided with a code whose output will lead them to a location where the next code will be hidden. First 10 teams to find the clue will move on to the next stage of the competition.
In the next stage, the team member in the lab will have to decipher this code found by the other 2 members and convey the answer to the other members who have to follow the lead to find the next code location.
Only 5 teams to retrieve the code fastest will move on to the next round.
The same process will be repeated but now the teams have to perform easy tasks at the location of their next clue too.
Only 3 teams will qualify to the next stage.
The 3 remaining teams will battle it out in the last round with the same set of rules.
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