Hope everyone enjoyed your vacation, and now its little tough to focus once again for a new semester.

There are so many of us who make it a point to take the,”This time I am not going to waste time and instead get good grades from the start!” resolution for every semester and hopelessly give up on that somewhere down the line.
Wouldn’t it be amazing to know a secret which if you followed could put your grades on top? Maybe it’s obvious that there can’t be just one golden rule that can lift your GPA. There are many! Trust me, they are easy as well. All you’ll need is determination and time management skills ( once you execute your plan of action, all these qualities will automatically build up! So, chill out, but not too much!!)
1) Maintain Good Attendance

Professors observe the level of involvement students demonstrate throughout the semester. These will be the same people you will turn to for letters of recommendation and you can’t expect them to vouch for you if you’ve barely set foot in their classes! And being attentive in class, interacting with the tutors and answering questions in class, is the best way to expand your knowledge with minimum efforts without stressing out!
2) Make Wise Use of Resources
Most students don’t make use of the vast network of readily available resources colleges have and go through the semester on the bare minimum – attending classes alone. Make it a rule to frequent the  libraries,  computer labs and the best way to study in group if you have a good friend circle.
3) Talk To Your TutorMentor.

The most approachable  person has to be your tutormentor. He or she can guide you about ways to improve your grades, going about different subjects, the best campus resources, familiarize you with college rules, procedures and formalities and update you on workshops, internships, campus events and organisations that you can benefit from.
4) Be Consistent
“Procrastination is the mother of poor grades”. It is so easy to postpone works at the beginning of the semester, only to suffer from lack of urgency and leave assignments until the last minute. Studying immediately before a test is the surest way to overload and fry your brain due to which it mostly breaks down mid-exam. Make it a point to study frequently – this way you will reduce the volume of information you need to take in as well as reducing stress and being able to sleep the night before an exam (that is true bliss).
5) Set Reasonable Goals

Try to set achievable and measurable goals each semester. This will keep you motivated and help you push yourself to continue setting and achieving goals. Don’t ever overwhelm yourself with long-term goals, but do plan ahead and think about how you see yourself in the future both personally and professionally(just so that you can opt for proper subjects when you are given a choice and not feel lost when someone asks what your future plans are). There may be few set backs that can always be amended. Do not give up on yourself or your goals at any point. Just increase the efforts and decrease the distractions. 
6) Perfect your Studying Techniques

Even successful students often need to revise their studying styles when they get to college. Ideally, you need to develop an approach that leads to the execution of a routine, it could be one topic a day or one chapter a week, whatever it is, stick to it. Consider joining a study group – peer pressure can be a great way to motivate oneself to get things done. Talk to your academic advisor for suggestions and find a calm place to study.
7) Reward Yourself

Motivation is the single most powerful catalyst for positive change, so be sure to take advantage of that. Every goal – small or big – you manage to complete, ought to be marked in a way you see fit. Incentives are the ideal way to keep our focus on the end goal and work towards achieving it, a chocolate bar or anything that makes you happy, YOU DESERVE IT! 

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