7 Situations Indian Science student can relate. See Here >

Science is a new trend, Yes Kisko nahi Doctor,Engineer banna hain be ?
After completing 10th board, Science lena is neccessary. Nahi toh Log kya bolega ? Aur Our Sharma ji ?

Here are some instances every science student amongst us has faced. Read on fellas!

1. Got a 9/10 CGPA? Science should be your natural choice.

‘Good students ought to opt for science.’-This is the first advice you get when your “good” marks flash on the screen. No doubt we have so many great scientists! 

2. Doctor or engineer?

Born a girl? Then doctor. A boy? Engineer. Your choice should be exclusive between the two. And nothing else. NOTHING

3. And suddenly everyone is your mum.

‘ Beta, ache se padhna, your parents are spending a lot.’ ‘Beta, avoid junk food, you might take sick’ If those snubs and lectures from your mother weren’t enough then you just have your relatives to add to it. 

4. Take ‘sannyas‘.

For the two years, you are expected to give up on social networking. Your parents fix their owl’s eyes on you. Suddenly Mark Zuckerberg becomes responsible for your bad grades.

5. You learn manipulation.

How many times were your experiments in the labs entirely correct? Some manipulations were always needed. Mostly the physical experiments. 😀

6. Revision? That never really happens.

Remember the number of revisions you made before every test in school? Well, in 11 and 12, you keep learning things until the last moment and are still not done with.  

7. Your wishes and demands get deferred till your results.
Rajasthan student gifted BMW car by coaching institute for achieving 11th rank in IIT

‘Beta, achche se pass hojaa, tera naya laptop pakka.’ ‘Beta, doctor ban jaa, I will buy you a bike.’ Parents know very well how to get it done their way. Greed keeps you going! 
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