SUNBURN 2017 @ KIIT ? - Date , Event Details ,passes & More.

KIIT is one of the well known Institute having a well-organized Student Activity center inside. The Student Activity Center, "KSAC" organize numerous events per year, among which  "KIIT FEST"  and "KIITMUN" are widely popular in the Odisha as well as in Eastern India.

Ksac, tries to bring the world's different culture and tradition inside the campus and celebrate in a proper way by organizing the different event.

Now, as per the event calendar of KIIT's official site,  in this September something big gonna happen inside the campus.

And yes , you guessed it right,  It's All about  SUNBURN 2017 @ KIIT.

Sunburn is  a Commercial EDM ( Electronic Dance Music ) Festival  and  one of the  popular  concert  in India .

According to  the offical site the event is scheduled on 10th September,2017.
Sunburn KIIT 2017 ,KIIT FEST 2018

But in KSAC website there is not much  information  about  the event regarding the event  PASS,  Event  Timings  and the most  important Questions  who are gonna  come this time?

There is an other Question , Is this the SUNBURN FESTIVAL , we are expecting or this event is something else?  Let's us know , in our facebook page.
Facebook page:

Stay  tuned with this campus  blog , to know more details about the  event .
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