10 ways to MotivateYourself During Semester Exam

Hey, genius people, hope all of you are preparing yourself for this Semester. And it is true that focusing on semester is quite impossible if you are doing engineering. As we celebrate everyday as a festival, we don't have enough time for prepare ourselves for the exam. This is the reason most of the genius students do score only 6cgpa. You can check this 7 HACKS FOR SUCCESSFUL SEMESTER ,for better preparation and today we are going to share you 10 wasy to motivate yourself during exam. Hope it will be useful for you.

1.Start very small if big leads you to procrastinating.
If a project or task feels too big and daunting don’t let that lead you into procrastination. Instead, break it down into very small steps and then take just one of them to start moving forward. Because the most important thing is to just get going and to build momentum forward.
2.Compete in a friendly way.
When you’re in school or at work make it a friendly competition with a friend to for example finish a boring or routine task first. Just that element of competition tends to liven things up. And if you want to you can also add a small prize for extra motivation, like the winner getting a free ice cream or a candy from the other person. Don’t stress out at all, life is full of ups and downs.
3.Get motivation from the people in your life.

Spend less time with negative people who always look at the dark or apathetic side of things. And spend more of the time you have now freed up with enthusiastic or motivated people and let their energy flow over to you.
4.Remind yourself of what you’re moving away from.
You can also motivate yourself to get going again by looking at the negative impact of staying on your current path. Ask yourself: What will the consequences be if I continue on this path for 1 more year? And if I do if for 5 more years? This simple fear should get you kick started.
5.Play music that gives you energy.

One of the simplest things to do when you feel low in energy or motivation is to play music that is upbeat and/or inspires you in some way. A break with a few songs or working while listening to them for a while usually works well.
                                          *From 17 backlogs to TEDx Speaker :Vipul Singh, Mechanical Engineer.
6.Do a bit of research before you get started.
Learning from people who have gone where you want to go and done what you want to do can help you to avoid pitfalls. And to give you a realistic time-table for success. This is important to not get demotivated when things aren’t happening as fast you had wished.
7.Be constructive about the failures.

To make your setbacks more valuable and less hurtful be constructive about them. When you stumble ask yourself: what is the one thing I can learn from this setback? Then keep that lesson in mind and take action on it to improve what you do.
8.Take a 2 minute meditation break.
When your mind is a bit tired or perhaps even overloaded, your energy and motivation goes down. So in the afternoons (or whenever needed) , sit down with closed eyes and just focus on your breathing for 2 minutes. This clears the mind and releases inner tensions.
9.Declutter your workspace.

Take a couple of minutes to clean it up.Having an uncluttered and minimalistic workspace helps  to think more clearly and  feel more focused and makes you ready to tackle the next task (or small step).
10.Be grateful for what you got!
When motivation is running low then it’s easy to start seeing your life and the aspects of it through a negative lens. To put your focus on what you still have and who you are and to recharge with positivity and motivation, think about the roof over your head,access to clean water and not having to go hungry (It makes you luckier than 45% of the world’s population!)
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